Boost your Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Just thinking about giving a presentation can make our palms sweat and our heart race as the nerves kick in. Let’s face it; public speaking can be daunting, yet it is an essential part of life. Standing in front of people is like being on stage. You have an audience critiquing your every word and movement. People judge us even before we have opened our mouths. With this in mind we decided you should learn from the best! That’s why we have created this course with actors! Actors train for years to use their body and voice effectively.

In this highly effective course you can learn from performers to ensure stage fright does not scupper your efforts to be a good communicator in a business or social environment. We take attendees through a fascinating journey which ends with them being able to deliver a fantastic presentation. With the help of a professional actor the participants will have fun learning the vocal and breathing techniques that work on stage and screen as well as how to improve their body language and memory so that nerves are calmed. This is all crucial to fully engage with an audience and convey messages effectively.

The Course:

  • The importance of preparing properly for any presentation
  • How to relax and breathe correctly to settle any nerves
  • How to get your body language right to make a first and lasting impression when presenting
  • You will learn how to be more confident and to be aware of your body language and the impression it gives to others
  • You will discover how to improve your tone of voice and your breathing so your nerves are calmed and any fears you might ‘fluff your lines’ are banished
  • There is also advice on how to handle difficult questions during the potentially tricky Q&A session
  • You will learn how to achieve your objectives from any presentation
  • How to excite an audience and keep them interested

Recomended for:

  • Anyone for whom presenting to different internal and external audiences is a part of their job description
  • Anyone who has recently made the move into management and needs to improve their presentation skills
  • Anyone looking to make the jump into management
  • Anyone who has to pitch for new business

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