Effective Business Writing

"Be a better writer in a Day"

Every day, millions of us are crafting reports, pitches, blogs, press releases, letters, brochures, e-mails, bids, and reports tweets. Just about everybody has to write, but few have any training in how to do it well.

A clear, direct writing style works with just about any document in any industry. Good writing is succinct and unambiguous. It avoids unnecessary jargon, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It’s entertaining too, catching the reader’s attention and making them read on because they want to, not because they have to

Put simply, better writing in the workplace can help make your business more profitable.

During these high impact workshops, we will help you develop a strong, clear and direct writing style. We also take a look at the most common punctuation and grammar mistakes, and throw in some spelling tips for good measure.

Key course topics include:

  • How to write crisp, punchy sentences
  • How to write in straightforward English to make your work more readable
  • How to cut out unnecessary words to make your writing clearer
  • How to begin and end a document effectively
  • How to structure a document in a logical way
  • How to write to length
  • Grammar and punctuation. The most common mistakes and how to avoid them in future
  • Hints and tips to improve the spellings that give you nightmares

Recomended for:

  • Anyone customer facing
  • Anyone who represents your business