Executive Coaching & Mentoring

At Train to Win.tv we believe that it is essential that businesses invest in their current talent pool to not only retain the key people but also to continually develop and grow them.

Only by developing and growing the existing talent pool will the outstanding business leaders of tomorrow be created.

Investing in the talent through the use of executive coaching is a way that forward thinking businesses are beginning to look at how they get ahead and stay ahead in the market place. Executive coaching is about developing and growing the top talent so that they can one day ultimately lead the business.

Each coaching intervention is bespoke and specific for each business, individual and situation. Our coaching programmes are created specifically for the individual but might include:

  • Setting goals/outcomes – the notion of contracting
  • Understanding the purpose of the role & why you are employed and how to measure performance effectively
  • Understanding yourself through use of ‘Insights’ personal profile – what motivates you, drives you, how best to manage you, communicate with you etc.
  • Understanding others and adapting approaches to gain maximum influence and impact
  • How to get the most from every situation
  • Understanding how to behave at board level
  • How to listen & communicate effectively and how to pick up and use ‘silent language’
  • Being able to ask great questions
  • Working better with your boss
  • Harnessing the power of relationships
  • Fractal Patterns and how they are created and broken
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Building high performing teams – what’s the recipe?
Recommended for:
  • Potential leaders
  • Existing leaders who need some external stimulus for ideas, thinking and or exploration
  • Managers identified as being high potential
  • Managers needing some development in specific areas to progress to the next level
  • Managers who have poor performance / behaviours that need addressing
About the Trainer

Train to Win.tv have developed this programme in conjunction with a seasoned executive coach who has not only operated in this industry but who has worked in many different markets. Jeff Kelly spent 25 years in management and leadership roles in B&Q, including operational, commercial and HR. His business has seen him support organisations like Carphone Warehouse, Best Buys Europe, HRG Group, Travis Perkins, Wickes, Barratt Homes, Direct Voice and Data and Specsavers to name a few.