Dispute & Situation Management

Handling difficult situations and disputes can be one of the most stressful and challenging scenarios any employee can find themselves in. Don’t worry, Train to Win.tv can help. Our Dispute & Situation Management course provides the skills and understanding needed by participants’ to successfully manage and resolve confrontational situations.

It will provide an understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating the confrontation. It focuses on understanding and handling difficult customer situations such as communicating with limited speaking English callers, handling argumentative and unhappy customers whilst raising confidence and maintaining control.

This is done by providing the knowledge and key skills to successfully handle any situation. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss situations in which they have delivered or received empathy, looking at improved methods of confrontation management. Each delegate will leave the session with their own personal action plan which will help to focus and measure improvement.

Subjects covered include:

  • Identify methods for diffusing customer anger or hostility
  • Develop strategies for handling difficult customers
  • Identify situations that tend to be difficult and develop strategies to diffuse them
  • Develop a personal action plan to address weaknesses when dealing with difficult customers
  • Handling limited speaking English customers successfully
  • Effective management of long winded callers
  • Defusing argumentative and abusive customers
  • The angry customer lifecycle and how to manage it effectively
  • Understand when "just say no" works and how to turn negatives into positives

Recomended for:

  • Anyone customer facing