Modular Half Day Sales Workshops

Modular Half Day Sales Workshops - £799 onsite half day up to 12 people

Can’t afford to take lots of time out of the office? Need to improve on specific areas? With our modular sales training courses you decide! We have taken the 3 most popular elements of our Sales Training programme and condensed them into 3 intensive half day workshops.

Appointment generation

Ask any sales person and they’ll tell you the hardest part of their job is getting an appointment. Our appointment generation workshop is a half day intensive course, which provides proven techniques which will ensure your conversion rate increases and you get more appointments.

Key course topics are:

  • How to put yourself in the right frame of mind
  • What is the right activity and how to structure your time to be effective
  • Getting past the gatekeeper and overcoming objections
  • Building rapport quickly over the phone
  • Simple but effective techniques to book the appointment

Successful sales appointments

Once you’ve got the appointment what next? With our half day workshop we’ll give you the skills and know how to ensure you nail that appointment!

Key course topics are:

  • How to prepare properly for an appointment
  • How to structure and control the meeting
  • The right questions to ask
  • How to build powerful, long lasting relationships
  • How to remove negative preconceptions and build trust
  • Proven qualification tools & techniques
  • How to present your solution with maximum impact

Negotiation, objection handling and closing workshop

To close the sale and overcoming objections is a key part of any sales role. This highly interactive half day workshop provides proven techniques on how to close a sale and overcome objections along with top tips and techniques to give you the edge and help you secure the sale.

Key course topics are:

  • Understanding when to negotiate
  • How to create a "Win/Win"
  • How to negotiate more profitable deals
  • How to overcome any objection
  • Overcoming the price objection