Improved Customer Engagement

Nearly every customer or company we talk to tells us that customer service is their biggest differentiator and something they value highly. We couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately this is often a hollow statement. How many business principles actually invest customer service training? The answer is not as many as there should be!

At Train to we think that customer service training is as important as sales training. With our improved customer service programme we give you the tools and skills to ensure you become truly customer-focussed. All sessions are relaxed and interactive…. No death by PowerPoint here!

We use actors to ensure that our role play is as realistic as possible and deliver this workshop in small groups. We don’t prescribe what great customer engagement is, we let them find out and decide what it is themselves.

Key course topics are:

  • How great Customer Service Starts from the Top
  • How good is your customer service?
  • The importance of a First Impression and how to make a great one
  • The importance of attitude
  • How to handle an escalated call
  • The pillars of successful engagement
  • How to increase confidence of customer facing staff
  • Creating consistency
  • Creating a lasting legacy

Recommended for:

  • Anyone customer-facing
  • Anyone who represents your business

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