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In 2013 105.5b business emails were sent worldwide per day, predicted to rise to 206.6b by 2016.

Although E-mail is just one of the various mediums we use in our everyday life, it is unarguably the most common and is seen as an effective method of communicating to your customers.

E-mail style often reflects the personality of the person sending it and the ethos of the company they work for. How consistent is this in your business? How to talk to and correspond with your customer is key to how they view you and ultimately the customer service you provide. Imagine if you could have your customer service compared to the greats, like Amazon or Apple. Well, now you can.

Our Improved E-mail communication courses provides an insight of how effective E-mails can build trust with customers and how non effective E-mails can lead to misinterpretation or even worse, a complete loss of trust. These courses help to uncover how customers really feel about the service you provide

A typical course consists of:

  • How to ensure email etiquette matches your company ethos and brand
  • Gaining Trust and Losing trust through E-mail
  • Effective, professional and respectful correspondence
  • How your tone of voice and dialect can affect both verbal and written communication
  • The 40 rules of email etiquette

These workshops conducted are completely interactive. Each candidate will leave with an individual improvement plan and a 121 follow up session planned for 2 weeks time. The improvement plan will form part of a development plan programme aimed at giving consistency and proving the building blocks and metrics to make your E-mail customer engagement of the highest standard.

Suitable for:

  • Anybody who has a customer-facing role
  • Customer service personnel

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