Introduction to Mobile Telecoms

The mobile telecoms market is a complex financial minefield, with thousands of tariffs available, and hundreds of handsets, with connection bonuses and on-going commission, it’s difficult to work through how to present a deal to a potential customer, whilst retaining a potential margin. But as fixed and mobile become more converged, it is a market that as a telecoms business you need to be involved in.

Train to have developed this course in conjunction with one of the leading faces in mobile over the last 40 years, Andy Smith. Andy spent 19 years in Director level roles in Vodafone, where he was board member for their Connect Business. Under his sales leadership, the business grew in 4 years, from 800 new connections per month, to an average of 45,000 new connections a month.

Andy has also held C’ level roles in Anglia Telecom and Symphony Telecom.

This course offers attendees a unique opportunity to learn about the industry from someone who has helped to shape it.

Our Introduction to Mobile Telecoms will cover the main key areas

  • History of the Mobile industry
  • A Market overview
  • Comparison between a Dealer, Distributor, Network and an MVNO
  • How to stack a deal, and work out profit margin
  • Leveraging your customer base
  • Customer service overview
  • Managing your supplier relationship
Recommended for:
  • New starters to the Mobile industry.
  • Anybody looking to expand into Mobile.
  • Anyone taking on a new Mobile specialist.