Managed Induction

I suppose you are wondering, why should I bother even looking at an induction programme at all, we just do it ourselves?

Lets assume that a new member of staff who had never worked in telecoms at all was able to converse with customers about your business, all of its products, suppliers, its ethos and understand the jargon within 2 weeks? How would you feel? Just imagine how more effective you and your staff could be if this was given to somebody else to do and they could just focus on doing their job?

Our Managed induction programmes have been proven to reduce staff churn in the first year by up to 87%. The premise is simple: get your staff more familiar with your business, products, suppliers and each other more quickly and they will be able to do their job more effectively.

You can therefore get a quicker Return on Investment (ROI) on your recruitment costs and significantly reduce the likelihood of them leaving within the first 12 months.

Key course topics are:

  • Introduction to telecoms
  • Product overviews. What is the product portfolio; who are the suppliers; who are the competitors; how they are sold and supported in the business.
  • *Introduction to the Business (ethos and philosophies, mission, positioning, competitors etc)
  • *HR – Process (dress code, holidays, sick, maternity, child care scheme etc)
  • *Marketing – Process
  • *H&S – fire rules, DSE etc
  • *Intranets
  • *Payroll, forms, overtime, benefits etc
  • *Customer Service Workshop
  • *Professional E-mail
*Will be bespoke to the individual business. Train to will work to understand these areas of your business.

Recommended for:

  • Rapidly growing business recruiting more than 10 staff per year
  • Companies bringing on new departments
  • Acquisition led businesses
  • Anyone looking at ISO accreditations or IIP