Selling Hosted & SIP

Our customers are often asking us to give them something that is relevant, that recognises the current changes going on in our market, and helps them be more effective. Now we have!

Understanding the next generation of products and services is essential to differentiating you against your competition. Knowing how to effectively sell against traditional technologies and providers, can mean the difference between success and failure and with new technology advancements, offer previously unreachable benefits to end users.

In this revolutionary new course, we give you industry know how & skills to sell the latest technologies to your prospects and customers.

This truly unique workshop is aimed at helping telecoms sales people of all levels successfully sell Hosted telephony against an onsite PBX and also SIP trunking against ISDN; the 2 most common sales scenario’s in modern day telecoms.

This intensive course covers the following areas & subjects:

  • Our future landscape in the UK
  • What is SIP?
  • SIP market overview including main providers strengths and weaknesses
  • SIP Vs ISDN – The true comparisons
  • When is SIP a good fit?
  • Difference between PBX & Hosted
  • PBX market overview
  • Hosted market analysis & key provider overview
  • Considerations when selling IP Voice
  • Qualifying your opportunity correctly
  • Matching features & benefits to business drivers
  • Overcoming the most common objections
  • Building your offer and proposition
  • Mid-contract upsell opportunities

Recomended for:

  • All Telecoms sales people