Telecoms Sales Training

At last….telecoms sales training, by telecoms people, for telecoms companies.

Since we started Train to we have wanted to provide a sales training programme and have spent hours searching for something which wasn’t aimed at corporates, wasn’t massively overpriced and was most importantly relevant. It’s OK, we couldn’t find one either!

So we decided to create one ourselves! Our Sales programme has been written by, and is delivered by people who have successfully grown telecoms reseller businesses.

We have designed the programme specifically for the channel, using proven methods, fine-tuned over 15 years within the industry. It is aimed towards selling to SME’s, not corporates. The course also looks at content based marketing, social media and the impact the internet has played on how people buy today. Actors are used in all of our role plays to ensure that scenarios are as real as possible, and we do it for a price which is affordable.

Key course topics are:

  • The traits of a great sales person and how to implement them
  • Understanding why you are in Sales & what motivates you
  • The psychology of sales
  • How to generate the right activity which gets you better results!
  • How to get that appointment
  • Techniques for nailing the first meeting
  • How to build powerful, long lasting relationships with clients
  • Proven qualification techniques
  • How to handle any objection
  • Amazingly simple yet effective techniques to improve your closing ratio quickly
  • How to negotiate the best deal possible you can
Recommended for:
  • All telecoms sales people

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