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Train to are the training company for the telecoms channel. We marry decades of industry know how, gained through real life experience, working for some of the largest names in the industry, with modern learning techniques and practices to deliver the most effective & relevant training available today.

All of our courses have all been specifically created for the channel, covering everything from regulation & compliance to improved customer engagement, focusing on topics unique to telecommunications. The product content is created in conjunction with industry leaders to ensure it’s always accurate and up to date. That means you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on your core strengths.

The train to way

We believe in a consultative approach irrespective of the size of your business. Each programme is different because every business is different. Our unique training package offer a vast array of courses and programmes that people can pick and choose from to meet their needs.

We believe people often attend a course, come away all motivated and eager to use these skills and then never use them as they get lost in the weight of every day work. Our approach is different.

At Train to we don’t believe in delivering a generic course into training into your business. We make our training relevant, pertinent and unique to your business. It’s our continuous improvement philosophy to training that makes us different. Whilst we specialise in the telecoms sector, most of our courses can be used within all sectors.

Assess, Analyse, Define, Deliver, Report

Our services

What we offer

Train to helps and develops businesses in the following areas:

Industry Knowledge
Performance Improvement
End user training services
Sales Training
Soft Skills
Customer Engagement
    • Introduction to Mobile

    Introduction to Mobile

    • Managed Induction

    Managed Induction

    • Horizon End User Training

    Horizon End User Training

    • End User system training

    Hosted Telephony End User Training

    • Executive coaching and mentoring

    Executive coaching and mentoring

    • Telecoms Sales Training

    Telecoms Sales Training

    • Improved Customer Engagement

    Improved Customer Engagement

  • ½
    • ½ day workshops

    ½ day workshops

    • Effective E-mail communication

    Improved E-mail communication

    • Effective business Negotiating

    Effective business Negotiating

    • Introduction to project management

    Introduction to project management

    • Effective Business Writing

    Effective Business Writing

    • Selling SIP and hosted

    Selling SIP and hosted

    • Regulatory Compliance Review and Accreditation Service

    Regulatory Compliance Review and Accreditation Service

    • Dispute & situation management

    Dispute & situation management

    • Boost your Presentation skills course

    Boost your Presentation skills course

    • Telecoms Regulatory Training

    Telecoms Regulatory Training

Our clients

Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will understand.
If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
What would have taken four weeks of emailing took four hours face-to-face.
You cannot not communicate.
Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.
Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.
If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage.
Think like a wise man. But communicate in the language of the people.
Develop a passion for learning. If you do you will never cease to grow.
Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Train to are excited to be teaming up with FCS

Members of the Federation of Communication Services are committed to trade ethically and compliantly and to develop their staff. So FCS is delighted to have agreed a partnership with Train to which puts so much of that vital staff development resource at members’ fingertips from a single point of contact.

"We know FCS members are looking for help with everything from inducting new staff on to the telesales desk to developing and encouraging the directors of tomorrow," says FCS CEO Chris Pateman. "Working with Julie Mills and her colleagues at Train to means we can now field a wide portfolio of courses, all designed with the comms market in mind, and at prices which make sense for even small employers."

FCS’s own course on understanding regulation, Ofcom and the General Conditions, has already been rolled into the Train to portfolio, alongside other specialist courses on selling techniques, technical and engineering issues, dispute management, influencing skills and Staff development programmes.

"FCS members are committed to professionalising the voice and data market," says Chris Pateman. "It makes sense to pool its experience and ensure the industry has the widest possible access to the best possible training resources."


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Meet our team

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Julie Mills / founder
Katie Curtis / Account Executive
Sue Hester/ Finance & Admin Manager
Charlotte Sims /Support Services Manager
Chris Morris/ Technical and Product Training Manager
Natalie Nicholls/ Hosted Platform Trainer
I have all had a couple of Call Coaching sessions with Julie; personally I find them very uplifting, and wished I had a bit of Julie every day. She really makes me think about what I am saying to our Customer. She is very perceptive and picks up all my little ticks in a constructive and friendly manner. Mary Harris / Service Administrator Nine Service
I had my session with Julie yesterday and I have had about 4 in total. Since we have started doing these I have benefited a lot as I did not realise how I sounded on the phone. I was quite robotic and really sounded aggressive which I am not!! I now have a much friendlier tone in my voice and sound a lot happier which showed in my last session. I am happy with how the sessions are structured and Julie gives constructive criticism which helps to understand what I am doing wrong. All in all they are quite helpful. Anna D’Amore Sevice / Anna D’Amore Sevice
I attended three days of training with train to win and enjoyed in very much. Julie Mills is very engaging and as a first time entrant to the telecoms industry I found the training to be very helpful. Thomas Boaden / Channel Development Executive at Nine Wholesale
We have been working with Train to win tv over the last few months, and in particular Julie Mills. Julie has delivered our corporate induction programme and a customer services workshop, which is being rolled out across our business. We are now working on a strategy with Julie to ensure our "people" will receive the adequate professional development to allow them to transform from being "Good to Great". Julie engages with all our staff in a very individual way. Helen Chamberlain / Group HR Director at Nine Group
I thoroughly enjoyed the training given by Julie. I found the day informative as well as interesting. Her engaging personality enabled her to interact with everyone and immediately put us all at ease. The presentation was slick and I especially enjoyed the mini quizzes throughout the sessions! I have used aspects of the training in my everyday work and found the course very worthwhile and would recommend to anyone new to the telecoms industry, as well as those who feel they could do with a recap! Charli Milne / Sales Coordinator - TM Solutions Ltd
As someone coming into telecoms from a completely different background, I found Julie’s training session great. I would recommend it to any, and every new starter as I found it very informative and precise, yet still remaining interesting and engaging. The knowledge I gained from the training session has put me in great stead for progressing in my new role within telecoms. Nana Baah / Account Manager - Gamma
I am new to Gamma and the Telecommunications industry, a few weeks into my role with Gamma I was sent on the Intro to Telecoms course with Julie Mills. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was intrigued to learn further, after completing the day course I have to say I was impressed with the information gained, not just the information but the way it was explained thoroughly by Julie. Throughout the day she was receptive and extremely welcoming creating a relaxed environment to learn, she’s extremely knowledgeable about the industry and gave me great confidence going forward. All in all I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn about the foundations of telecoms. Kofi Agyeman / Account Manager - Gamma
I’ve recently sent three new starters on the Intro to Telecoms course run by Julie Mills at Train to Each person who attended found it valuable and felt it offered a good basic grounding before they entered their induction program with Gamma. The content wasn’t too heavy and was delivered in a style where it was easy to follow. I would recommend this coarse for anyone entering Telecoms without prior experience Steve Ferriday / Head of Sales Support – Gamma
The Customer Services workshop provides a great insight and knowledge base which, as an attendee, you can take away and apply to the job role, changing the way you approach customer services, and providing a much improved overall level of service. The workshop was good fun, it gave me the chance to learn new skills and enhance existing ones but also provided the opportunity to bond with colleagues in other areas of the company. I would recommend the workshop to all members of staff, new and existing as it provides a detailed, well thought out experience and leaves you with a very positive attitude towards delivering a great service to customers. Get involved because you won’t regret attending! Lloyd Palmer / Marketing Project Executive – Nine Telecom
The Introduction to Telecoms event was a fantastic induction into the Telecoms market and where Gamma are placed within the industry. Covering all the main products at a high level has given me the basis to apply that knowledge to benefit my own day to day roles. Julie is a great teacher, keeping the content engaging and interactive. I would recommend the course to anyone who deals with Gamma products in any aspect Joe Medlin / Graduate Sales Executive
Myself, along with the rest of the Sales Management team, had been asked to present at Gamma’s Annual customer roadshows, our highest profile customer event. Spread across the UK, these events attracts over 800 attendees every year, with the largest audience being over 350 people.

Despite having experience of public speaking we all felt that we needed some expert tips and training to ensure that these were a success. We attended the Train to “Boost your presentation and public speaking skills course Impact” delivered by Miles, which was fantastic!

Learning some of the techniques and skill used by actors, was a real eye opener. Miles delivered these in a way that was easy learn, but more importantly easy to remember when the pressure was really on! I’m pleased to say the roadshows were a big success and all of the course attendees did an amazing job.

Unquestionably this course has made me a much better public speaker
Roan Pratt / Head of Resale Channel - Gamma

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